Would you leave your front door unlocked? What about your computer system?

Certainly the majority of us who live in towns and cities around the world – with a few, perhaps enviable exceptions – understand the consequences of leaving our homes without even the basic security of locked doors or windows in place. We can visualise how someone could gain entry, what might be taken or damaged and how easily this could be achieved as a result of carelessness on our part.

But when it comes to the online world things, well, seem to change. Many people, who would not even think to leave their homes with windows and doors unlocked, struggle to deploy even basic security on their computers. Why is this?

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Maybe it’s harder to visualise the threats and the consequences of a lack of digital security, to understand the different ways someone could gain access and how easily information can be stolen.

Perhaps it’s a lack of awareness about what tools (like different antivirus software) and actions (such as keeping maintenance logs for online account security settings) can be deployed to protect our systems and ourselves online?

Let’s shape the future and promote online safety with NCC Education’s new Digi Programmes!

Digital literacy, online safety and coding is becoming a critical part of educational curriculums and adult training initiatives around the world. In the UK we have a new and highly ambitious national Computing curriculum which puts computer science (computational thinking and programming skills), digital skills development as well as the safe and responsible use of online technologies, at the very heart of students’ learning, right from the very first years of Primary education. And it’s about time too!

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NCC Education is proud to be making a significant contribution to facilitating the delivery of Computing education around the world, with our new suite of Digi Programmes and qualifications.

Want to know more about phishing or pharming threats? Not sure about the differences between or effects of spyware and spam, trojans or worms? Want to learn how to keep yourself, friends and family safe and secure online? You’re only a Digi Programme lesson away!

You are very welcome to contact me if you would like any more information about these new Computing programmes or know anyone who you think might be interested in this fantastic new curriculum offering from NCC Education.

NCC Education Digi programmes. Available for first teaching now!

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