We’ve gone digital!

Shaping the Future of Computing

Since launching our new Digi programmes last year we have been thrilled by the feedback on our new suite of Computing textbooks for primary and secondary schools.

Teachers and students have told us they love the look and feel of our high-quality and beautifully designed books and the reassurance that by following Digi programmes they are fully covering the new national Computing curriculum in their schools, including digital literacy, online safety, computational thinking and coding.

As a UK exam board we also provide partner schools with formal Digi assessment and qualifications at each Key Stage (up to Key Stage 4 and IGCSE equivalent), offering a truly global benchmark for students’ achievement in Computing.

New Digi eBooks Option!

Until now our Digi programme books have been available in hardcopy, printed format but we are delighted to announce that the entire series of books – all 11 years’ worth of teacher and student titles – will shortly available in eBook format.



From this summer all Digi programme books will be available in hard copy or eBook format, depending on the requirements and preferences of our partner schools. The new eBooks option brings several new benefits to those schools looking at a digital materials solution to support their Computing curriculum, including:

  • a more environmentally friendly choice (no trees cut down to create the books)
  • virtually instantaneous access to each Digi title ordered
  • accessible on a range of devices, anytime and anywhere
  • space saving and weight saving option for teachers and students
  • clickable resource links in teacher books easier to access/open
  • more easily searchable
  • page fonts can be resized to suit students’ reading preferences
  • another cost effective way to secure new teaching and learning materials for school staff and students

More details about our fantastic new Digi eBooks option will be released shortly and you are welcome to get in touch if you would like to find out more about how Digi can support your school’s Computing curriculum.


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