Allan Norton

General Manager

A little bit about Allan:

With an extensive background in managing global educational organisations, Allan is the General Manager of global awarding body NCC Education as well as Singapore based private education provider Informatics Education Ltd. He is a Qualified Certified Practicing Accountant (CPA) with experience in various industries, including IT and technology.

He says, “Digi is more than just a full field of computer science study based on the new UK National Curriculum – but importantly for kids and adults alike it changes both behaviours and expectations around the use of technology in day to day life.

“Digi aims to further expand on what is becoming the most common language used in the world today – computer code… Or, the language used by computers to communicate with each other and allow the internet-of-things to thrive and develop.”

Allan is a father of two teenagers and an adopted family-dog. He is an avid cyclist, triathlete and runner. He takes part in various challenges around the world, many for charity, including Ironman and marathons.

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