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Well it’s been busy here at Digi HQ recently with discussions, demos and school visits taking place across different continents.

From our fantastic Foundation Year partner Chase Grammar here in the UK to the other side of the world and schools in South Africa, Turkey, the Middle East and Asia (the South African school pictured below was built back in 1785!) we’ve been tremendously excited to hear about Computing and Digi plans in these different parts of the world.

Adopting NCC Education’s Digi programmes helps schools strengthen an appreciation and enthusiasm for computer science and digital skills development among their students and staff, not to mention also covering a fully up to date and innovative Computing curriculum in style!

Digi programmes are based on the new English national Computing curriculum (

I’d also like to congratulate our new Digi Navigators from first classes in Singapore. Your next level Digi programmes await and I’m sure you’ll love the new topics, coding and other digital challenges you are going to encounter.

One of the fundamental pillars of our Digi programmes is online safety. Consider that half of all 8-17 year olds in the UK are now sharing photos online at least once a day and I’m sure you’ll agree that educators have to step up and teach young people how to understand, manage and protect their digital footprints.

This can be done through relatively simple classroom activities. Here’s a really simple lesson activity teachers might like to try, which helps generate discussion and increase understanding of how quickly a comment or photo may spread online, including to people that students don’t actually know. Teachers could use something like the following template – which I’ve taken from one of our Digi Navigators programme lessons:

Ask students to record their names and three other friends from the class (or students they know in the class). Students then ask those three people to in turn record 5 of their friends or people they know (in class or outside the class). Once all is completed teachers can ask students to review all the names.

In our Digi Navigators lesson this is a fun colour coding activity. Students identify a) the total number of people now recorded, b) those they know, and c) those they don’t know. And they now have a nice visual representation to discuss:

What do you think happens when a photo or comment is shared on social media?

When someone posts a picture on social media do they always know who might end up seeing it?

How quickly can information spread on the Internet?

Providing students with the understanding and skills to stay safe online is a key focus of NCC Education’s new Digi programmes. In fact we have free sample lessons which focus on online safety available now and I’d love teachers to get in touch and try them out with their students.

Teachers can go to and request a lesson for the programme or key stage(s) they are most interested in.

And please feel free to InMail or email me directly ( if you would like to know more about NCC Education’s fantastic new Digi programs.

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