About Digi Trailblazers

Digi Trailblazers is our first Computing programme for Secondary school learners. With students becoming more digitally literate and wishing to explore the online world for education and entertainment more fully, this programme further develops critical understanding of computational thinking, online safety, digital literacy and coding. New topics are introduced for this first secondary school programme and students’ existing coding skills are taken even further with more advanced Scratch and Python programming lessons.

The Digi Trailblazers programme provides a high quality, comprehensive Computing curriculum for students both in the UK and internationally and is fully aligned with the new English Computing curriculum for Key Stage 3.

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What coding languages does Digi Trailblazers cover?

  • Scratch
  • Python
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What topics are included?

  • Keeping Yourself and Your Friends Safe Online
  • Solving Problems with Algorithms
  • Computer Instructions and Data Types
  • Designing and Developing Computer Programs
  • Computer Logic and Number Representations
  • Computer Modles and Simulations
  • Computer Systems
  • Managing a Digital Project
  • Developing a Digital Artefact

The Digi Trailblazers programme is suitable for candidates aged 11-14 years old (Key Stage 3 in the English national curriculum) as well as older learners.

It is expected that candidates who are non-native English speakers are able to cope with the demands of preparing for and taking the Digi Trailblazers assessment in English.

All students who complete a Digi programme book are be provided with a certificate of achievement. On completion of a full Digi programme (i.e. for Digi Trailblazer this means completing Books 1, 2, & 3) students may be entered for formal assessment leading to qualification certification.

The NCC Education Digi assessment and certification ensures students achieve recognition at each stage (i.e. for each programme book completed) as well as the opportunity to gain an internationally available Computing qualification – and global benchmark for their computing skills and knowledge – from NCC Education

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They said...

“The Digi programme extends our relationship with NCC Education and provides us with an integrated, progressive and, more importantly, relevant curriculum offering for our younger students.”

Jon Tuxford, Director of Studies, Chase Grammar School

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