School name:

Nanjing Hankai Academy, China

Via correspondence with:

Chris Barker

International Director

    Which features of the programme do they find most important?

  • 1 Teacher books
  • 2 Student books
  • 3 Supplementary online materials
  • 4 Certificates of Participation
  • 5 End of programme assessment
  • 6 The programme topics

What they say about Digi:

“At Nanjing Hankai Academy, we chose to go with the new NCC Education Digi programmes for both primary and secondary as it provided the best ‘hands on’ training for our students.

As an international school in China most of our students have English as a second language. The Digi programmes have allowed for easy adaptation for students who did not have English as a first language, and also for teachers who were non-native speakers.

We currently operate as a Cambridge school, offering A level, IGCSE and the Primary and lower secondary checkpoint programmes. We selected Digi over Cambridge ICT as the multimedia projects allowed the students to integrate ICT across the curriculum, presenting projects learned in the computer lab with content borrowed from across the academic curriculum, be it English, History or Science.

We have been amazed by the creativity unleashed in the students as they have, through Digi, learnt 22nd century skills!”

How did they find out about Digi?

Worked with NCC Education on international programmes in the 1990s